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Choosing ILTA, and relying on our experience, means embarking on the trip to Italy that you’ve always dreamed of, experiencing the true meaning of luxury in the Bel Paese.

Get ready to explore enchanting places, historical landscapes, and breathtaking experiences off the beaten path in signature style – not to mention staying in Italy’s most luxurious boutique hotels

For us, luxury travel means curating exclusive and unforgettable experiences that invigorates your heart and mind. We love and savour Italy, what it offers, its history. We are passionate about this country, and we want to help you share in our passion.

We do not limit ourselves to organizing and booking a pre-established and undistinguished itinerary. Our objective is different; we want to offer you an exclusive, unique and inimitable luxury experience that is completely customized. What travel experience do you seek?

Have e look to our services, everything can be customized to your needs.