Our Clients

Read about our clients’ travel stories

Every travel experience that our clients have with us inevitably becomes a story, and it is because it remains indelible and unforgettable in their eyes and especially in their hearts.

Many have wanted to share with us how beautiful their luxury holiday experience was and tell us why it was so special for them.

There are several and varied experiences, from art to those dedicated to outdoor activities or immersing yourself in the most beautiful Italian cities, without forgetting the well-being and comfort of the luxury hotels and resorts that we choose and that characterize every story.


All the ILTA team was helpful and very patient whilst we went through a filtering process of the resorts we were looking at. All has gone smoothly and we enjoyed our stay in the one of most viticulture resorts of the world.
Thanks a lot for your dedication

Alice B.

Nadia and her team created an itinerary, customized to what we wanted to do, that helped sample a little of what Italy had to offer. They kept track of our itinerary and bookings and ensured that everything went smoothly. My family and I had a wonderful and unforgettable vacation.

Samuel B.

ILTA was a pleasant surprise! They take away the hassles of planning and provide the necessary support during the trip. You provide your requirements to the travel consultant and they will create a custom itinerary for your specific needs. Nadia was our main contact – she was awesome and so was the team at anywhere. Their way to listen, understand and research for details is unique.

Maria J.K